The Hamiltons

My Dads family, the Hamiltons fae Breich and Polbeth.

Back row – Mum, Auntie Molly (Keepe), my Dads sister. Middle – Great Uncle George (Tod) and Great Aunt Euphemia (Famie), my dads aunt. Front row – early hat potential, probably very early seventies.

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My Great Uncle George (Tod) who taught me to swim, took me to the pictures and, along with my Aunt Famie, looked after me as a wee boy, pictured centre, in front of the drum, playing with the Edinburgh Senior Citizens Orchestra at Dalry House on April 22nd 1974.

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A Famie and George special. George and Euphemia Tod were my Dads aunt and uncle. Euphemia (Famie) was my Grans sister. They didn’t have any children of their own, but looked after me, when I was at primary school. They lived 3 doors down from us in Temple Park, and I spent most of my early school years with them.

Picture 1 shows Famie as a young woman, with my Dad, and his sister Molly (Mary) and brother Ian (John), probably in either Breich Terrace or Addiewell, in the twenties.   Picture 2 shows Famie and George as I remember them in the seventies.

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Here’s a few photos of relatives from years gone by.

This is me and my Grandad, Alexander Walker Hamilton, in the back garden at Polbeth, probably about 1967.

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Here’s Uncle Wullie and Auntie Kate with my Great Aunt Euphemia Moore Bell in the same back garden, also in the mid-sixties. I spent a large part of my childhood in Great Aunt Euphemias flat in Edinburgh, as both my parents worked, and she and her husband George Tod were childless. They were remarkably good natured considering they were in their sixties when a three year old was thrust upon them for the next five or six years, until I qualified for my own key to the front door. I couldn’t pronounce Euphemia of Famie as everyone in the family called her. She was always Mamie to me.

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Going back in time, this is Mamie as a young woman, surrounded by assorted members of her family, the Bells, probably in the nineteen twenties, in Addiewell, West Lothian.

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Here’s Mamie, with what is probably her Auntie Kate, (Catherine Toner nee Bell 1852 – 1939) who Mamie lived with after her mother died when she was 2, leaving her miner father with 12 children, hence why they were farmed out to family members .

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Here’s another batch of Hamilton / Bell photographs which mainly came to me via my Great Aunt Euphemia (Mamie) and my Uncle Ian.

This is my Auntie Molly (left, born Mary), my Dads sister, with her mother, my Gran, Mary Hamilton, nee Bell.

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This is Mamie in the back green at 17 Temple Park Crescent, with one of her nephews (either Bill, John or Alex, with unknown dog. We lived in No 11 when I was a wee boy, but with my Mum and Dad both working, I spent most of time at Mamies or playing in this green.

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This is Mamie with A N Other and my Auntie Molly (centre).

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This is Mamie, Euphemia Tod nee Bell, with her husband George Tod, in Princes Street, Edinburgh, opposite Binns, where my Mum worked years later.

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And this is my Dad, Alexander Walker Hamilton, with his Mum, Mary Dawson Bell, in the bottom left corner.

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Here’s three more photos that came from Mamie (Auntie Euphemia) via my Uncle Ian (John Sorely Hamilton).

The two solo pictures are of the same girl, probably Mamie. No idea who the two boys are, although they’re from the same batch, so it must be two of her nephews. The one on the right looks like my Dad, Alex Hamilton, so the one on the left is likely to be Ian or Bill, the other brothers.

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Here’s another couple of Hamilton photographs;

The first is my Grandad, Alexander Hamilton, taken in Polbeth sometime in the mid-nineteen sixties. He died in 1968.

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And here’s one of my Auntie Molly (Mary Moore Hamilton, my Dads sister), daughter of Alexander Hamilton and Mary Dawson Bell , who was born 30 November 1924 in Breich, Addiewell, West Lothian. She died November 2000 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. From the uniform, I would guess this was taken in the forties.

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Here’s a wee Mr H in the back green at West Saville Terrace, Edinburgh where my Uncle Ian (John Sorely Hamilton) had a tied cottage at the industrial laundry he was boilerman at. The cottage had a steep garden which ran down to the railway line, and was perfect for growing tatties on. My Uncle Ian is seen here with his ever present pipe.

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Here’s my Dads cousin, Jean Marshall Linton getting married to Thomas Peuthere Hamilton (no relation, fingers crossed) in 1954 at West Calder. The bridesmaid on the right is another cousin – Euphemia Bell Linton – who was named after my Mamie, my Great Aunt Euphemia. We used to visit Jean and her family in Polbeth a lot. Euphemia Bell Linton was known as Fay, and I remember being taken to see her when she worked at Woolies in Lothian Road, in Edinburgh. Fair play to Fay, who married for the first time when she was 73 (in 2002)!

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Here’s a a very rare picture of me, my Dad (Alexander Walker Hamilton), and my Uncle Ian (John Sorely Hamilton), in the vegetable patch at West Saville Terrace – Ian had a tied cottage, which went with his job at the large industrial laundry he worked at. After my Grandad (Alexander Hamilton) died in 1968, my Gran, Mary Dawson Bell, moved in, staying there until she died in 1980.

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