Hello America – colonial relations

My Auntie Terry, Mary Teresa ROBINSON, daughter of Edward Albert ROBINSON and Mary Agnes Evelyn MUIR , was born at ten past nine in the morning on 07 October 1925 iat 122 Bonnington Road, Leith (now Edinburgh). She died 11 November 2009 in Sonoma, California.

Mary Robinson, known as Terry, who moved to Canada, then America, marrying Ernie Smith fae Gorgie / Sighthill, pictured here keeping the forces happy.



And here are my American cousins, Karin and Valera, probably in the nineteen sixties if the hair is anything to go by!


And here are my Aunt and Uncle, Terry and Ernie, pictured at Niagara Falls in 1951.


My Mum and Terry.


Here’s a picture taken at my cousin Vals first birthday party, somewhere in California, in 1956. Valera June Smith is the daughter of Ernie Smith and Terry (nee Robinson).


Look! I wisnae making it up. An actual American relative in Embra. Auntie Terrys grand-daughter Simone turned up in 2011, boyfriend in tow. Pictured in the Vennel, with Edinburgh Castle in the background and doon the seaside at Port Seton.




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