My Auntie Cathy, Catherine Healy Robinson Birth 1922 in Edinburgh, Death 10 Jan 1949 in Edinburgh, Haymarket

Here’s a picture of Cathy Robinson, with her husband Richard (known as Monty), taken in 1944.

The bare details are;

Richard Brown MONTGOMERY (RIN: -12813046). He married Catherine Healy ROBINSON 1941 in Newington, Edinburgh, Scotland. Catherine Healy ROBINSON (RIN: -12812979), daughter of Edward Albert ROBINSON and Mary Agnes Evelyn MUIR , was born 1922. She died 10 January 1949 in Edinburgh, Haymarket. 

Cathy died of TB in 1949, so they weren’t married long. Her husband had fought in the Second World War, and was given a prefab at Muirhouse when he returned.  Unlike her parents who are buried (with my Mum) in Piershill Cemetery, she was buried in Seafield Cemetery.