Alex and Grace Hamilton, my Mum and Dad

Alex and Grace Hamilton, my Mum & Dad, in their prime, sometime before they got married, which makes it 1959 / 1960.






Grace and Alex Hamilton in their prime. The first picture is my Mum (pictured left), in the mid-fifties with folks unknown. 

The second picture shows my Dad pictured second from left collecting a dreadful prize as Captain of the winning darts team in the Edinburgh Dispatch tournament, in the late fifties. His best man, Phil McLuskey (Uncle Phil) is pictured on the right. I’ve no idea how one of the Marx Brothers sneaked into the picture.





My Mum and Dad on their wedding day, 3rd March 1961 at the Ettrick Lodge Hotel in Edinburgh. A bit of a family mystery, but none of my Mums family were there, and some didn’t find out till well after the event. Relatives may enquire as to my theory. Pictured, left to right are Aunt Cath (not a real aunt), her husband, Molly (my Dads sister), Dad, Mum, Betty somebody who was matron of honour, and my Uncle Phil (not a real uncle) McCluskey, the best man.



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