George Robinson

George Edward Muir Robinson, my Mums brother, was born 02 September 1920 in 15 East Arthur Place, Edinburgh. He married Mary [somebody], had one daughter Avril in 1951, and he died about 1966 in Yorkshire, after living in a Seaman’s Hostel in Doncaster.

He was on a convoy ship during the war, working as a stoker, which was struck by a torpedo. He survived and underwent extensive, experimental plastic surgery, and never really recovered from his injuries. From his letters to my Mum, he seems to have led an unhappy life, separated from his wife, spending a lot of time in hospital, before dying young.

For obvious reasons, there aren’t any photos of him, but here’s the only photo of his daughter (my cousin), Avril Robinson, who lived in Scarborough. She had some contact with my Mum when she was young, as my Mum was executor of Georges estate, but after she married Patrick John Byrne in Scarborough in 1972, there was nothing.

George Robinson


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